The Boardwalk Kitchens' signature 'Garlic-Mustard Dressing & Dip' is crafted by a traditional European recipe. We thrive to bring to our customers the finest culinary experience.

This unique recipe was brought from Europe, and we started to make the dressing for the family reunions. It soon became everybody's favorite and was asked to bring it for every family functions.

This gourmet dressing is hand crafted by using only the finest ingredient with no added preservatives, coloring or artificial ingredients. The dressing is made exclusively in small batches to preserve the highest quality standards in consistency in taste and texture.

This signature gourmet dressing has a golden tone, creamy consistency and an outstanding combination of flavors so versatile it can be used as salad dressing, sandwich toppers, sauce for entrees, marinade, or dip for appetizers and vegetables. The dressing received a 5 star ratings by our customers on Facebook. Boardwalk Kitchen LLC has proudly received the " Rookie Of The Year" award in 2015 by the Eastern Market Corporation in Detroit Michigan.

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The Boardwalk Kitchen LLC is a family owned and operated culinary company operating out of The Culinary Studio LLC, in Southfield Michigan.

The Product


The dressing is available in two sizes:    8 OZ  - NET WT. 227g

                                                             16 OZ - NET WT. 454g.

Allergen information: The product is manufactured in a facility that process milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy and/or wheat.

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